Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rattling in my head ...

Ever wonder why ...
1. Women in their teens try to make themselves look older and claim they are atleast 2 years older, the magic age seems to be when they reach 25 and then they start lying to make themselves look younger?

2. The sun darkens your face and whitens your hair?

3. If something can make you late, it will make you late?

4. The dictionary definition of homely(ugly, but tolerable) has not impacted The Hindu matrimonial ads?

5. Most Indians are ready to passively accept the less than mediocre in India, but start throwing the "sue" and "lawsuit" words liberally the minute we set foot outside the country?

6. You pray and pray for a "little time away from my kids" and then spend the entire time away thinking and talking (and even blogging) about them?

6. Your kids always fall sick on a Friday evenings?

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