Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Medical "boor"ism, anyone?

I recently read this heartrending account of one family's loss due to gross negligence and purposeful maltreatment by a medical establishment in Chennai. For those that have not read this, please do so and follow the links at the bottom to see more accounts of sickening misconduct and avarice in the name of medical treatment by the same establishment. My heart goes out to all those affected and I pray that the outrage that we as individuals feel can somehow penetrate the lethargy and the indifference that we as a collective exhibit, that we move towards a complete overhaul of the medical establishment and their attitudes towards the patients, that they see us less as a money making mechanism and more as the hope filled individuals that are looking upon them as God. That we as a nation demand more accountability. And that we will not tolerate one more instance of wrongful death at the hands of the very people sworn to protect us. AND - while waiting for that change to take shape, folks, please! do your homework in choosing your doctor.

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