Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Warm and Fuzzy

So I am not overly religious - I believe in prayer but don't do so everyday. I love going to temples but only manage to do so occasionally. However, I almost always leave a temple with this great feeling of peace and I don't know, maybe even a sense of freedom. Last week, I took my younger one to the local Udipi temple and we spent around 15 minutes there. I could see my son praying hard and heard him ask Ummachi for his ripstick back (long story, short version of which is that because of damages to the walls of our home, I confiscated their Ripstick from the kids). I reminded him that praying is not just asking for stuff but also thanking Ummachi for the things we do have. We spent the remainder of the time sitting quietly in front of the sannidhi, rang the bells, he did his thopukaranams that his grandparents have been teaching him and then we headed back home. One the way back he says " Amma, can we come more often to the kovil? Something inside me feels really good right now. ". I was surprised and somewhat mystified that a six year old could feel some of the same things I get out of a temple visit. I still feel all warm and fuzzy that this is something I can share with my little one, that he gets what I get from a temple visit. I am also humbled and a little bit ashamed by the fact that I was surprised at his reaction, that I underestimated his ability to perceive and express these deeper sentiments. You learn something new everyday I guess.