Tuesday, March 31, 2009


THis is a full blown rant - consider yourself warned! As a disclaimer, I have to add that I love both India and America for different reasons so there is no offense meant to either country here. The insults are all to people. I come from India, I moved here, it was my choice. No one pulled me by the nose and forced me to move. I chose to move. I have chosen to stay. I cannot say that I have made my peace with the choice to stay and indeed might never. There is always that call I can hear - of family and the familiar, that call which I tamp down with every ounce of reasoning that I can have. I am more or less happy with the choice I have made, that call not withstanding. But some, some that I come across, they are whom I get upset with. These people, who like me, have made a choice. They chose to move here, they have chosen to make a life here. This country has been nothing but good to them. They continue to live their life here and they know they have it good here. Then why, why would they keep denigrating every single aspect of life here ? THe claims are numerous "In India, things are much better" " Schools are much better in India - there is no standard to the education here, very low". "The doctors are so bad here, they don't treat you at all" "Children learn so much more in India in the arts". AND then some that have moved here and live here and work here and who evidently see themselves as somehow morally superior to "these Americans" (One gem when there was a report of a child rapist caught - "These americans! Such problems are found only here" -maybe I shouldn't even be wasting my breath ranting about ignorant people). Let's clearly forget the fact that they themselves have been citizens of this country for a year or so and have processed green cards for relatives far and near. First off, to people like this, I would like to say - Just leave! Take your attitude and your angst and leave - leave if you find the school system that bad, the doctors that difficult. No one forces you to stay, except maybe your greed for the dollar and the value it translates to in rupees. Go if you think your children will have a bad future - what else do you earn for? If you choose to stay despite that, what does that say about you? And if you feel morally superior, go ahead - leave, leave to where morals are seemingly higher! You only needed a visa to get out of where you feel things are clearly superior, that visa for which you stood in a hot, blazing sun for hours, overnight even, for which you sweated and slogged through exams and tests, to leave a country that you feel is clearly superior. India will welcome that which is hers willingly, so go! And if you do CHOOSE not to, look within yourself and stop the whining! There are good things and bad in both places - it's hard to make a choice. Your inaction is a choice by itself, so please! recognize that by not moving back, you have chosen to stay and atleast give your adopted country and it's people the credit they deserve. Recognize that you are now one of them, any comments you make are directed no longer at a "them" but at yourself. We all of us will continue to value where we came from, to not do so is a travesty. However, to recognize that where we are now is a very good place to be in no way denigrates where you came from or reflects poorly on you.