Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let there be a decree...

..that guys with a serious case of foot-in-mouth disease not go anywhere near me, not within a mile, not within a 100 miles.
So I see this guy-I-knew-from-way-back-when yesterday in the elevator. After a few seconds of pc, he looks at me excitedly and says "So are you having a baby?" I feel my smile freeze and begin to crack on my face as I say "No". So guy with the dreaded (for me) f-i-m says "Oh, so did you just recently have your baby?". Now my cheeks and my whole face are cracking to the point of falling off and just to be spiteful (I refuse to be kind to people that just keep shoving that foot deeper inside with each sentence), I say "Actually my last baby is four years old". He flees from there.
Oh well, some shirts just need to be retired :(
And some guys too.


  1. omg! i can imagine the scene...

  2. well, suffice it to say he avoids me whenever he sees me walk by - I literally see him running away:)


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