Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top 5 musical memories

I had to do this - I have been listening to some old songs lately and they trigger off memories long forgotten but very dear.
1. This one - Kissa Hum Likhenge, takes me straight to the fall of '98, when I was a brand new arrival in America, striking it out all on my own with a few hundred dollars to my name and never happier. I made some great new friends, had a blast of a reunion with my old, very dear friends and fell in love. It all seems coated in pink, lots of laughter, endless cups of coffee on college campus, late night movies and late night walks, all topped off by a really fun New Year's night!
2. Love Story - sigh!!! Like this song needs to remind me of anything at all to be special, but it does. Memories of that first love, my girlishly adolescent first crush, the shiny eyes, the anticipation, the dissection of every word, every look, the mooning, the sheer fun of it all. Oh to be fourteen again and in love...
3. Sindu Nadiyin Isai - Ah Bharathiyar! and to hear it, I only hear my parents, singing in duet on full moon nights, when we traditionally picknicked late into the night on our terrace. Stomachs replete, hearts even more so, contently dozing off on mats and listening to their voices blend in and out, weaving, dancing, the sounds of the ocean accompanying....ah, home!
4. Strings (Utho Beta Aankhen Kholo, Sar Kiya Yeh Pahar) - Okay, so this one is completely special. Lots of songs bring me back here, to this house in Chidambaram that was tucked away in a corner of the street. I made the best friendships of my life here, laughed a lot, cried some and had some of the best times of my life here. Cheers to you guys for all of those moments!
5. Satrangi Re from Dil se - This totally takes me back to this hike a group of us went to ages ago. Lonely place (like we were the only people around for miles and miles), lots of snow, lots of scary talk and one of the guys ( you know who you are) could not stop singing "Mujhe Maut ki godh mein sone dee...." loudly. Quite scary and all...

There are tons of songs like this that transport me back to certain places and people. Can you share with me some of yours?

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