Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Err...somebody tell me why

I think the outrage of the Mumbai attacks is a backdrop for more and more outrageous behaviour everywhere. Some Deepak somebody came on FOX News last night and spoke about understanding the reasons that drive people to terrorism. Huh? Someone, anyone, please tell me why I have to try to understand where the terrorists came from, what drove them to commit these acts, what I and others of my ilk might have ever done in this life and in my previous lives that drove them to this? Why the flying heck should I give a damn what makes them tick? Am I supposed to arrive at the conclusion that it's my fault for being attacked? (hey, it could have been me, it could have been any of you, it could have happened anywhere). Wait a minute, isn't that what abusive people generally do? Blame the victim? Ah, I get it, so these terrorist guys somehow felt disenfranchised and that is everyone else's fault, so they killed everyone else? Why should I try to understand their convoluted minds? Also, someone feels disenfranchised and left out by the general society around them, so they take a gun, shoot people midlessly, strap a bomb and take out hundreds, they say we other people have taken away some rights of theirs, so it's okay for them to take away our right to life? I think it's time people stopped analyzing terrorism to pieces and expect some hard action on the places and people that harbor such terrorists. Who do we start pandering to? WHich religion's fanatics do we expect to satisy? Let's face it - where there is religion and faith, there is fanaticisim and we cannot hope to try to please everyone at every point of time. People have to take civic responsibility in demanding that their governments stop arm chair politics (strange - I used to reserve that for the thathas and mamas back in the 80s, seems that's all our politicians do too, spout off nonsense from their extra security detail surrounded armchairs) and protect the people they have sworn to protect.

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